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What If You Could Go
Back in Time!

Looking back, if you could have had the chance to earn a piece of every


Apple Watch


sold over the last 4 years ...  Would you have done it?

I Have Two Questions For You

Are you familiar with Fitbit? In 2015 Fitbit sold 20 million devices. Today they are worth 7 - 8 Billion dollars.

Knowing what you know today, if you could turn back the hands of time and you could have been one of the first to become involved with Fitbit when it started in 2008 ....

Q1: Would you have done it?

YES! or NO!

If you could own a device that you wear on your wrist that does what a Fitbit does (calculates all your calories and all your steps) but also monitors all your health vital signs in real time 24 hours a day on your cell phone and records the data for your doctor's review, would you be interested? 

*Later this year (2018) a software upgrade will allow you to also monitor

  • your blood glucose levels
  • your blood alcohol levels, 
  • your temperature. 

This includes:

  • your heart rate, 
  • your breath rate, 
  • your blood pressure, 
  • your blood oxygen levels
  • your energy level, 
  • your mood, 
  • ECG/EKG,
  • the ability to monitor up to 20 loved ones anywhere in the world to ensure their health is OK,
  • a panic button that can notify you if a loved one is in physical danger and gives you their GPS location.
  • *and much, much, much more.

And ....

If you had the opportunity to join the business for free in the very early stages of it's existence ....

Q2: Would you want in on this?  

YES! or NO!

If you said yes you will be pleased to know ...

We are Now Interviewing!!!

This is a legitimate business! See left column for a list of the countries that we are already serving.

Introducing - The Worlds First Health & Lifestyle Oracle
More than just a Fitbit!

Five Reasons We are Incredibly Successful.

According to Forbes Magazine, by 2020 over 411 million people will be wearing a wearable device similar to a Fitbit an Apple Watch, a Samsung or a Garmin.

  1. Our product is extremely relevant. The entire world is in love with wearable technology. It’s the hottest trend on the planet. We have a real demand in the marketplace. We don’t have to convince people. They are already buying what we have to offer.
  2. We are first to market with absolutely no competition. 
  3. We are backed by Toshiba, a hundred year old technology company. 
  4. We have a simple system that is very easy to follow, very easy to duplicate, and very effective.
  5. We have a very lucrative compensation plan. Even our customers can earn money (10%) by referring other customers. (happy customers create more income for you)

Want more information?

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note: your contact information will be used only as a means to discuss this business. It will not be given to any other party for any other reason.

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 * Customers can Earn Money (10%)

by Referring Other Customers!

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Vinegar e-Book

Automatically Register Your

  • Heart Health
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Oxygen
  • * Blood Sugar
  • * Blood Alcohol
  • * Body Temp
  • Breath Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • Steps
  • Calories Burned
  • Distance Covered
  • Sleep Quality
  • UV Exposure
  • Mood Sensor
  • Fatigue Sensor
  • Panic Button
  • Emergency SOS/GPS
  • Monitor all the above for a loved one
  • Send Report to Your Doctor

* Soon to be Added

Any Questions?

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“Father of Medicine”

(460 BC – 370 BC)

Hippocrates himself was known to have used vinegar as an energizing tonic and healing elixir.

Solo Build It!

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