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We Will Pay You to Lose Weight

Has anyone ever offered to pay you to lose weight before?

Unheard of, right?

The fact is we have recently introduced a system that is so successful it actually has a track record for helping people not only lose weight, but keep it off long term.

We are so confident that you will lose weight on our program that we will actually pay you when it happens.

You can request more details about our offer at the bottom of this page but first let me explain a few realities of weight loss so you can better understand why we have been so incredibly successful in helping people, just like you, obtain the results they are looking for.

Why Diets Don't Work

Diets will never work long term because they take the wrong approach to weight loss.

Sure there are certain foods that you need to avoid but depriving your body is not the answer and should not be your focus.

If you really want to succeed you need to stop concentrating on restricting the type of foods you eat because, contrary to the popular saying ...

"You are NOT What YOU Eat
You are What Your CELLS Eat"

You have an incredible body; a body that knows exactly what to do in order to keep you in perfect health; a body that can and will bring you to the proper size and weight if it is given the proper fuel/nutrition.

If you agree with this statement, it is time to stop interfering with nature and start following a regiment that will ...

Feed Your Cells

Your Body Knows Best

Feed your cells the nutrition they need to be healthy and your body will take over and perform the job it was designed to do.

This does not only apply to weight loss. Proper nutrition is the answer to many maladies and illnesses.

If chosen to take part in our program you will probably notice many changes in your overall health.

  • In a few days you will lose your cravings for overly refined sugary carbohydrates. (Bonus: You will actually save money)
  • You will have more energy, suffer less mood swings, headaches, or abdominal symptoms.
  • Many aches and pains that you have come to expect as an inevitable side affect of aging may in fact disappear
  • Weight loss occurs quickly for most people in the very first weeks.

Weight Management System

We Understand that there is not one single avenue that prevents people from reaching their weight management goals.

The fact is there are five areas that must be addressed simultaneously if you wish to reach and retain your ideal weight. Those areas are:

  1. Stress
  2. Lack of Activity
  3. Build up of Toxins
  4. Eating too Much
  5. Lack of Nutrition

If any of these five are ignored (as they frequently are in diets you may have tried before) you will not be satisfied with your progress.


Stress not only interferes with your body's natural processes but also provides the incentive/need to over indulge in bad eating habits.

Our company has formulated a natural botanical product which will help alleviate the stress of day to day life giving your body the ability to fight those cravings that are induced by stress.

Winning this battle against stress will encourage living a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of Activity

We don't exercise nearly enough.

In fact we are spending roughly 80% of our awake hours in sedentary lifestyles.

To help facilitate an active lifestyle we have formulated 2 products.

The first one uses natural botanicals that help you increase your exercise ability, your exercise endurance and also your desire to exercise.

You will find that you now have the ability and desire to live that active lifestyle which you so desperately need.

This coupled with our meal replacement that helps build muscle after we get done exercising, provides amazing energy so we are able to repeat this habit each day.

Build up of Toxins

Environmental Toxins

Our cells are under an amazing amount of stress due to the toxicity that they are exposed to day in and day out both from the air we breathe and the food we eat.

This is one of the primary reasons it is so difficult to lose weight. Let me explain ...

Your Body Works to Maintain Life First

Weight Loss can not occur if your liver is toxic because your body will NOT breakdown fat if toxins are stored in the fat.

When your body begins to shed excess weight, toxins previously stored in your fat cells are released into your system. Unfortunately your body is unable to deal with the influx so it stops burning fat in order to protect itself from damage.

To adequately deal with these toxins we have formulated a tea that allows for a detoxifying at both the cellular and system wide level. 

Your cells are refreshed and better suited to actively reach increased metabolic activity levels.

Eating too Much

We are consuming roughly between 300 and 500 calories more a day than we did just 20 years ago. To help combat over consumption we have 2 products:

  1. Fat Burn - using natural botanicals (Carcinia Cambogia, Ginger Root, Bitter Melon and Moringa Oleifera) and compounds in those botanicals to facilitate an amazing amount of appetite suppressant coupled with increased metabolic output.

    You will not only decrease your caloric intake but also increase your caloric output; delivering a powerful tool in helping you lose weight quickly and reach your ideal weight.
  2. Tea - A non-stimulant tea that can be taken throughout the day either hot or cold will help curb your appetite by balancing the hormones that are often influenced by external stimuli such as advertisements and odors.


The backbone of our system is our nutritional products.

A choice of 3 products that provide an amazing amount of nutrition through the most nutritious botanical on earth. When your body receives the nutrition it needs, your cravings naturally disappear.

The botanical we use as the base for all our products has been the subject of countless studies in countries all over the world. It has actually been referred to by many organizations as the "answer to world hunger".

We agree and have countless testimonials from our clients who have experienced life changing results by consuming it daily.

With all the above qualities it is no wonder that these product, taken together in synergy, have formed ...

A Proven System to Lose Weight

What we have here is a collective system of products that work together synergistically to deliver the results you previously could only dream about. 

Yes, you will lose weight. Of that I have no doubt but even more importantly you will probably feel better than you have felt in years.

That is the power of the natural nutrition contained in our weight management system and why we are offering you this life changing experience.

Now is your chance to be one of the first in your neighborhood to try our guaranteed system to lose weight once and for all.

You have nothing to lose .. except weight of course.

Give it a try. You won't recognize yourself.

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Yes we will pay you to lose weight.

Up to 20 lbs in 30 days Guaranteed

  • 100% Natural
  • Doctor Recommended
  • 100% Guaranteed

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