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ACV for Colds and Flu

by Leslie
(Denver, CO)

I have taken it the last two times I got sick, once with a cold, once with flu. I just add it to the master cleanse recipe.

I take a big Mason jar and add: 1/4 C pure organic lemon juice from a bottle, 1/4 C dark maple syrup, 1/4 C Bragg's ACV, and about 1/8 TSP cayenne pepper. I fill the rest of the jar with water and some ice because I like to drink it cold but it can be room temp, warm, or however you want it.

You can squeeze your own lemons, I just don't feel like it when I'm sick, and the cayenne pepper is individual to how much you can tolerate. I have a really sensitive stomach, and that's about my limit. But the cayenne pepper really helps especially if there is mucus or coughing involved.

It's also great for sore throat even though that sounds counter intuitive. Cayenne in warm water and honey really got me through my sore throats in the past and helped soothe the pain and heal it quickly.

Anyway, I got the cold from my mom and she and her roommate had it for about 10 days with horrible coughing. I had it for 3 days only, and it never got into my chest.

I got the flu and started drinking this recipe immediately, and the symptoms never really progressed, they just stayed mild, not the usual misery I normally have.

Just very tired and achy, headache, that's about it. I never got a fever or chills like I usually get. But it's clearly viral.

I also take Thieves essential oil straight, by filling non-gelatin capsules a few times a day.

I think these two remedies reduced the symptoms tremendously and shortened the span of the illness.

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