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How to Get Rid of Gnats
Using Vinegar

Gnats are attracted to fruit going bad, garbage bins that need to be emptied or other such refuse.

They are also attracted to warm moist places such as your house plants.

Since they reproduce quite quickly it is important that you act fast.

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Replace Unintentional Gnat Attractions

Your first step as always, is to eliminate the obvious causes of the problem.

  • Remove rotten fruit or dead plants,
  • compost belongs outside so remove the scraps after cleaning vegetables, fruits, etc.,
  • empty trash bin regularly,
  • wash dirty dishes promptly,
  • don't leave uncovered produce out on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink,
  • Don't over water plants as moist soil is a very welcome location for gnats to live.

Trap and Eliminate

The second step is to provide an alternate attraction point for them... An attraction point designed to capture and/or eliminate them.

Fortunately for you, these little pests are attracted to vinegar.

Method #1 - Take your bottle of vinegar and fill one or more small containers. (Try some plastic pop bottles) Cap the containers securely and poke some small holes so they can get in but will have problems exiting.

A jar with a paper funnel set in the top will also work well as the critters will follow the glass up instead of locating the opening suspended in the middle of the jar.

If you have multiple problem areas repeat the process until each spot has its own trap.

Once all the pests are captured simply throw them out with the trash or pour them down the sink and follow up with some bleach to make sure they don't come back.

Method #2 - Bowls can also be used if you add some dish soap to break the surface tension so they will sink to the bottom.

The vinegar will attract them and the soap will hold them. Add more vinegar as needed to maintain the inviting smell.

House plants can be misted with vinegar and then the leaves wiped with paper towel to remove the little pests when they land.

I have also seen them hovering around the sink drain.

Their mistake!

Keep a small bottle of vinegar on the counter and when you see them simply pour a little vinegar into the drain. When they go for the bait just turn on your tap and wash them out of the house.

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