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Vinegar Proof

Vinegar Proof

Lots of claims have been made on the internet but where is the vinegar proof?

If I tell you that vinegar will cure your heartburn should you simply take my word for it?

Who am I and what gives me the authority to give you advice on protecting your health?

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I created this website in favor of vinegar as an aid to healthy living but I am very careful not to make any claims that vinegar is a cure.

I do not sell vinegar but I find vinegar very interesting and truly believe it has a lot to offer as a home remedy; possibly more than many over-the-counter-drugs and likely with fewer side effects but ....

I'm Just This Guy! You Know?

I am not a doctor and I certainly don't have any peer reviewed studies proving the efficacy of vinegar. So ....

If I am just another guy out there:

  • Why should you listen to what I have to say about vinegar and health?
  • If I can't offer you any vinegar proof is this website a sham?
  • Should you bother reading any of the pages I have posted here?
  • Don't I need proof to say the things I do about vinegar?

The Difference Between Knowing and Proving

Take heartburn for instance. If you don't have documented "proof" that vinegar can help with your heartburn how can you possibly "know" it will do you any good.

The words “know” and “prove” have very different meanings and should not be used interchangeably. There are countless facts in our world that you, at least on a personal level, “know” to be true without ever putting them up for scientific scrutiny. You know from personal experience that they are true and would never ask for validation.

"But", you say "how can you possibly know vinegar will help someone if you don't know what caused their heart burn in the first place?"

You are correct. There is no way I could possibly tell someone with out a doubt that vinegar will cure or even ease their pain. I am not a doctor and I have no way of knowing what their affliction is so I can't know for certain that vinegar will have any effect at all.

What I do “know” is that I have recommended vinegar to many heart burn sufferers and in every instance, where I have been present to witness it, they have received total relief within a few minutes time. In the majority of cases the time could be measured in seconds. Is that vinegar proof? For me it is.

I don’t think even proven remedies can boast that kind of record. Before I found out about vinegar I tried a few "conventional remedies" myself with very little if any success.

As a result, I personally do not need scientific corroboration. I believe it works and most of my friends and acquaintances did not need scientific corroboration before trying it.

The ones that needed proof refused to try my suggestion and continued suffering until the pain passed on its own. Would vinegar have helped? I don’t know because they didn’t try it. What I do know is that the commercial (so called proven remedies) products that they were taking did not work.

Is it a Placebo?

Sure you can cry placebo all you want but I don’t care. There is always a margin of error even in controlled studies. They even report it in their results.

I believe that if you get the result you desire often enough there is probably some value in the method. The majority of the people that tried my heartburn cure (including myself initially) were highly skeptical. Many of them (again including myself) were concerned that vinegar would only make things worse ... but in every case the relief was quick and long lasting.

Is it worth trying without waiting for vinegar proof? What have you got to lose?

Another Instant "Vinegar Proof" Example

Want another instant result test?

Try spraying vinegar on a sunburn. Talk about trusting someone's advice! - Acid on a burn? - Trust me, I tried it myself several years ago and have used it several times since.

Read my story here.

Spray some vinegar on your burn and you will have all the vinegar proof you need.

The beauty of vinegar is that most people probably already have a bottle in their kitchen cupboard and, in the case of heartburn, it only takes a spoonful to try it out.

How much does a package of Tums cost?

I personally can't stand the taste of them and they have absolutely no effect on my heartburn. What has your experience been?

So When is Proof Needed?

I agree that health claims should not be made without proof when they are made in order to make a sale.

This is only common sense and necessary to protect us from "snake oil salesmen" attempting to fleece us and leave us with medicines that are useless, keep us from attaining proper medication, or worse, cause us harm.

Vinegar claims will never make someone rich so vinegar proof should not be needed to at least try it. But still I see lots of blog entries on the internet where someone says something like ...

"I was thinking of trying vinegar for my .... but thank goodness I saw your blog first. Since there is no proof I won't take it."


Why Not Require Proof Every Time?

Always insisting on proof may appear to be the safest way to go but what are the costs?

If we insisted on scientific proof for everything we say no one would say anything and many people could suffer needlessly.

If I spray some vinegar on my sun burn and get instant, long lasting relief, I am definitely going to tell you about it. If you do the same and get the same affect, we will both tell others and lots of people will benefit.

If someone else tries it and gets no relief (I have yet to see this by the way) it does not mean the advice was not valid. It only means there is something different about that person’s circumstances.

If that person then tells everybody that it's a lie then they may be depriving some one from experiencing the relief they need.

Did the vinegar fail because we did not have the necessary vinegar proof? Should we stop telling people about our experiences because of that?

If you know of a natural product that many people rely on for relief of a pain or ailment, what is wrong with telling others about it?

The wonderful thing about home remedies is they don’t cost much to try, often work as well or better than drugs and usually have no side effects.

Nothing affects everyone the same and that includes approved drugs.

Of course we all need to understand that just because a product helps one person it doesn’t mean it is the cure and everybody will get the same results.

It doesn’t matter if the product or drug was part of a double blind, peer reviewed study or was just one of grandma’s secret remedies; You can't expect predictable results in all cases.

For Serious Conditions

If your health issue is serious you should consult with your doctor first. Tell him/her that you would like to try an alternative remedy. In some cases it may interfere with your medication. In others it will enhance the effects of your medication and your doctor may need to reduce your prescription.

The only harm I can see in promoting a home remedy is if someone relies on it for a serious illness or condition instead of getting proper medical attention. This is why we should all be diligent in advising people to consult their doctor in situations where outcomes can be serious.

For Minor Ailments

I believe we are running to our doctors far too frequently. For minor, non life threatening situations, why not turn to a home remedy such as apple cider vinegar. If it worked for others, maybe it will work for us and save a lot of money and perhaps some pain.

What is the best vinegar proof?

  • Try it yourself!
  • You might be surprised.
  • You might be promoting it to your friends.
  • You may say "I know it works! - I don't need proof!"

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