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Rust Removal Using Vinegar

Vinegar has a great reputation for cleaning things and rust removal is definitely an area where it shines.

Rust is a natural occurrence when certain metals are exposed to moisture and oxygen.

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The acetic acid nature of vinegar will go to work on breaking up and removing rust. This solution can be applied to various rust related problems such as …

Rust Stains on Your Clothes

Rust stains on clothing can be removed by lightly dabbing a vinegar soaked cotton ball on the stain. You will notice that the rust will transfer over to the cotton. Depending on the size of the stain you may need to re-soak or replace the cotton ball to get the entire stain out.

Follow up with a clean rinse to remove the last traces of rust as well as the vinegar. If any rust remains start the process over again.

Rust in Your Clothes Washer

Rust in the washing machine can have disastrous effects on your clothing.

To clean it out requires a large volume of vinegar, up to 2 gallons for example. Run the machine through a full cycle without any detergent with an overnight pause before the spin cycle drains it out.

This should clear out all the rust but I would wash some rags first to confirm this.

If you have had rust in your washer the problem will probably return so a periodic maintenance of about 2-3 cups of vinegar may be advisable.

As an added bonus, the soap residue from using detergent in your machine should also have been cleared out.

Even better than using vinegar you should eliminate detergent altogether. If you are thinking of switching to detergent free laundry, now would be a good time to do it.

Once you switch you will never go back to using laundry detergent again.

Ask me. (Use “CONTACT ME” form)

I made the switch and I love it.

Steam Iron

Because a steam iron uses water it can become a target for rust or water scale. In both cases vinegar can be used.

Always start your rust removal with a cool iron.

Pour a solution of vinegar and baking soda on a clean cloth and wipe at the rust vigorously. Some pressure may be required.

A build up of scale can be removed from the vents using a cotton swap or pipe cleaner.

Clean the reservoir by pouring in ½ and ½ water and vinegar and turn on the iron. Allow it to steam for a few minutes. Cool and drain then repeat the process at least one time before using it on your clothes.

Tools and Other Small Objects

Fill a bowl with straight vinegar and soak the items until the vinegar has removed the rust. Wash thoroughly to remove the vinegar and make sure you dry the item very well.

Car Parts Rust Removal 

If you own an older car you have probably struggled with rust removal a time or two.

In this situation the problem is usually more severe due to the period of time the metal has been exposed to rust. Heating the vinegar should help.

For smaller parts, soaking them in hot vinegar should do the trick. You will probably want to do this outside as the vinegar will stink up the house.

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