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Home Teeth Whitening Systems Using Vinegar

People are paying big money to whiten their teeth and the move to home teeth whitening is becoming a very popular alternative.

An internet search on teeth whitening systems will return many home remedies and even more controversy.

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Some people swear by the following natural teeth whitener products:

  • Strawberries,
  • lemons,
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • baking soda,
  • hand soap,
  • bleach,
  • wood ash and of course,
  • Vinegar

Others paint horrible pictures of brittle enamel or health dangers of using any of these acids or “poisonous” substances.

Although many of their arguments appear to be logical and well thought out, in most instances they are more alarmist than valid.

The fact is all the above can be used safely and are probably very good home teeth whitening systems, if used properly.

Take Vinegar For Instance ...

Of course you are not surprised with my choice of an example. ;-)

Yes, vinegar is an acid and yes, over a long period of time it MAY affect the enamel of your teeth if taken undiluted and followed up with brushing but ...

If you dilute the vinegar with water prior to gargling and then rinse your mouth with fresh water there is no danger of adverse reactions to either your gums or the enamel. As with anything else, don’t expect immediate results but if done regularly every day you should see some positive results soon.

Try gargling with a vinegar formulation of 1 tablespoon vinegar in an eight ounce glass of water to whitening your teeth between dentist visits.

In addition, the same mixture of apple cider vinegar serves as an effective mouthwash for your gums and your teeth. This vinegar solution is mild enough to leave tooth enamel intact while, at the same time, strong enough to work against the build-up of tartar. You should use it daily followed by a rinse, then a good tooth brushing.

Using vinegar as a mouthwash and drinking apple cider vinegar daily will help prevent tooth decay and add much needed calcium to your system. Sore gums will also benefit but you may want to dilute the vinegar solution even more to avoid stinging.

Some people suggest brushing your teeth with vinegar but I think it may not be a good idea due to possible damage to the enamel. Depending on the quality of your enamel this course of action may or may not be safe for you.

Other Home Teeth Whitening Solutions

As you know I also have a website devoted to Essential Oil Remedies and there is an oil that does a very good job at whitening your teeth.

Every time I brush my teeth I put a drop of clinical grade Orange Essential Oil on my tooth paste. Not only does it do an incredible job, it also tastes very good.

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