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Mosquito Bites

Vinegar is very effective in easing the sting of mosquito bites

There are lots of very good natural remedies for Mosquito bites and depending on whom you talk to, theirs is the best.

My wife is very susceptible to mosquitoes and suffers for days after, so this remedy is of special interest to her.

Everybody is different so you should try a few remedies and see what works best for you.

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Why Mosquito Bites Itch

When a mosquito bites you it's saliva, which is an anticoagulant, produces a histamine response in your skin. This response is usually only mildly itchy but in some people, like my wife for example, it can be very bothersome and may last several days.

Unfortunately for some reason, these people seem to attract mosquitoes more than others. When my wife and I are outside with a small number of mosquitoes it is entirely possible that I won't get any bites while she will be slapping like crazy.

Early Treatment is Best

The sooner you begin treatment the better your results as well as the sooner they will stop itching.

The first step is always to clean the area. Many people use rubbing alcohol or wipes. 

Of course ...

I Like Using Vinegar

I find that vinegar is very effective in easing the sting of insect bites and banishing the itch from mosquitoes, bees, wasps and any other critter that annoys you.

You will find that, not only will vinegar stop the itching, but it will also help reduce the swelling.

There are several ways you can apply vinegar and any vinegar will do the trick.

  • Dab or wipe each bite with undiluted vinegar
  • use a soupy paste of vinegar and cornstarch and coat the area
  • use a spritzer to spray vinegar on them

For best results, soak cotton balls and leave them to rest on the bites. The swelling will go down almost immediately and the itching will also subside.

Although home remedies affect different people differently, it appears that the common statement I hear from people is that vinegar provides instant relief from the sting of insect bites.

For most people, one or two applications will suffice but if you are one of those unfortunates that suffer greatly ...

Extra Effort May be Needed

Mix apple cider vinegar with peppermint oil to reduce pain and itching of insect bites or when stung by a bee or wasp. The sooner this is done the better the affect.

Normally vinegar drys very quickly so sometimes it may be necessary to take steps to keep it soaking the bite area. The best way to do this is to soak a cotton ball in vinegar and tape it across the bite.

In cases where you have several bites covering a large area of skin this method may not be practical so you can make a vinegar paste.

Add some vinegar to cornflour until you have a thick paste which can be applied across the affected area. By the time the paste drys the itchiness should be reduced considerably. If not, simply wash it off with warm water and reapply. 

To keep the paste wet longer you can wrap the area with Saran Wrap.

Other Natural Remedies

Lavender Essential Oil - Massage a small amount of True Lavender oil on or around skin irritations, bug bites, acne, minor cuts, and bruises to improve the look and feel of skin

Aloe Vera - break open a leaf and rub the gel over the bite.

Basil Leaves - crush the leaves and apply directly to the area.

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