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Human Reproduction and
Apple Cider Vinegar

Would you be surprised if I told you that Vinegar may assist in human reproduction?

Apple Cider Vinegar, although acidic in nature, is known to help maintain an alkaline environment in your body which is one of the secrets to good health.

For this reason many people take a shot of ACV with honey every day and report many positive health results of this daily regime.

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I have heard stories of people who were having problems conceiving and who report success after starting the apple cider vinegar in the morning ritual.

So, how does it work you may ask?

To quote Tevye in "Fiddler On The Roof",

“I’ll tell you ...

… I don’t know, but it's a tradition.”

Well obviously I have no proof to give you and since there is no money in it, no one has bothered to look into the effects of vinegar on human reproduction so …

What Makes Us Believe that Vinegar Helps with Human Reproduction?

Although there has not been any clinical research done on apple cider vinegar’s effect on human reproduction there are lots of what we would call anecdotal evidence and testimonials.

One source, in particular, is quite interesting although it has become a bit dated.

In a 1958 book published by a DeForest C. Jarvis M.D., he relates several trials he conducted with his patients which lead him to believe apple cider vinegar consumption is a benefit in human reproduction.

A dog breeder complained that his dogs were having problems conceiving. Following Dr Jarvis’s recommendation he added apple cider vinegar to their food and was rewarded by healthy litters from each dog.

One of his other patients, a dairy farmer, was complaining because 43% of his cows were not calving; some for over a year.

He suggested the farmer try pouring some apple cider vinegar over their feed. Within 4 months the 23 seemingly barren cows had conceived and subsequently gave birth to healthy calves.

In his book he mentions several other examples of vinegar success with animals that had problems conceiving.

Fine, it works for dogs and cows but ...

What About Humans?

Good point! It is easy enough to run informal trials with animals that typically give birth every year but somewhat harder to gather information about the vinegar effects on the human reproductive system.

There are also many other factors to consider. Factors like birth control and family planning.

Fortunately Dr Jarvis also had some human results for us in his book.

A medical doctor and his wife had been trying to have a child for seven years without success so Dr Jarvis asked them to make the following changes to their diet:

  • replace wheat with oats, rye grains and corn
  • use honey instead of sugar
  • eat apples, grapes and cranberries etc. (cold climate fruits)
  • avoid citrus fruits
  • take 2 teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar and honey with every meal

Within 1 year Dr. Jarvis’s patients were happy parents of a healthy baby.

This in itself is not proof of vinegar’s effect on human fertility but when you consider the negligible cost of apple cider vinegar, why not try it for a few months yourself?

You may be surprised with the results you get.

As a bonus, I know you will be pleased with the other health benefits of taking ACV regularly.

There are obviously other natural remedies which can help. If you are serious about getting pregnant you may want to look to the oldest medicine we know of, herbal medicine.

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