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Old Home Remedies

The trend these days is towards natural remedies for our ailments.

Old home remedies are being referred to once again in our constant battle against disease and everyday maladies.

I have always been a strong believer in our body’s power to heal itself.

This is nature’s way; God’s way.

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Sure, there will be times in your life when you will need to turn to medicine for some life threatening condition but these events should be few and far between.

The fact is, for the majority of health related issues you will face in life, there are natural home health remedies derived from “whole food” sources that work without side effects.

You may have heard them referred to as folk remedies, old wives tales, herbal remedies or even naturopathic medicine.

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Old home remedies are, well, old. They have been passed down through the ages and have served us well for centuries.

In fact ....

Natural herbal remedies have been used for 1000's of years in all parts of the world to treat a multitude of every day health related problems.

Only in the past 100 years have we turned our backs on them in favor of more “enlightened” sources.

In our drive for instant results we have turned the management of our health over to drug companies and pharmaceuticals but ...

You may be surprised to learn that some home remedies are not only faster, but more effective than over the counter drugs we have come to depend on.

At first you may be reluctant to try some of these “cures” because they don’t seem consistent with what you “know” based on current science.

One time I had heartburn and asked my friend if she had some antacids that I could take. She told me the problem was not that my stomach had too much acid but rather it did not have enough.

She told me to take a teaspoon of vinegar.

I thought she was crazy but reluctantly gave it a try.

I was amazed! The heartburn was gone within seconds!

Have you ever tried putting vinegar on a sunburn? Ouch! Wouldn’t that be very painful?

Acid on a burn? - Are you Nuts?

Try it. You will be very surprised. I was.

These are just two examples of old home remedies that work even though they appear to contradict current “wisdom”. I am sure there are lots more.

Let me ask you …

  • What pharmaceutical products do you use to fix these issues?
  • Are they as effective as natural remedies?
  • Do you experience any side effects from them?

Vinegar is only one of many natural home remedies that you can try for everyday ailments you experience but remember …

If your health issue is more serious you should consult with your doctor first. Tell him/her that you would like to try an alternative remedy. In some cases it may interfere with the medication you are currently taking but often your doctor may just reduce your prescription.

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Have You Tried an Old Home Remedy that Worked Better than Drugs?

I have found that a home remedy (vinegar or otherwise) is often more effective and quicker acting than the traditional over the counter drug.

Has this been your experience?

Do you have a great story about this? Please share it and I will publish it here for everybody to read.

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