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5 Pet World Uses for Vinegar

I was surprised when I learned how useful vinegar can be in the pet world.

From eliminating fleas to enhancing health, the pet care information I provide on this page will come in very handy in caring for your cat, dog, or even horses.

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I know there are probably a lot more than just these 5. If you have any other home remedy ideas for pet health (even if they involve some other natural substance than vinegar) please use the form at the bottom of this page. I will add your comments and give you recognition for your submission.

So here we go. My 5 pet world uses for vinegar ...

Eliminating Fleas

The obvious use for vinegar (at least to me) is to eliminate and prevent the return of fleas. To accomplish this you can combine external and internal applications.

When you discover that fleas have infested your pet's hair/fur the first course of action would be to prepare a bath of cider vinegar and warm water. This may be a bit of a battle for your cat but it will appreciate the relief. If only you could explain what is happening eh! A vinegar bath is especially appropriate for young pups and kittens as they are likely too young for many of the commercial chemical treatments available on the market.

As an ongoing preventative you may want to try adding the vinegar to your pets drinking water on a daily basis. Start with just a few drops then as s/he gets used to it increase the dose to about a tablespoon for large pets or a teaspoon for smaller ones. This will discourage fleas from infiltrating your pet world in the future and possibly avoid the issue all together.

Vinegar as a Supplement

If you have been browsing my site you are probably already aware that Apple Cider Vinegar contains many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will help keep your pet healthy and happy.

Some of the areas you can expect to see affected when vinegar is added to your pet's diet are:

Treating Infections

Minor wounds and infections can be treated by applying vinegar directly to the area to decrease pain and promote healing. Vinegar has antibacterial properties as well as antibiotic affects.

Internal consumption will also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in their digestive tract strengthening the immune system. This may result in a reduction of viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

Cleaning Your Pet World

This is an area you are probably already familiar with but did you know that vinegar also has many cleaning uses in your pet world.

Consider the following list. It will probably stimulate you to think of other uses.

  • Clean drinking dishes
  • eliminate litter box odors
  • cleaning your pet's ears
  • removing mineral deposits from fish aquariums (harmless to fish if some is spilt into the aquarium) Use paper towels soaked in vinegar for scale buildup.

Dog Training

Carry a solution of 1:1 water and vinegar in a spray bottle. To stop disagreeable behavior spray the vinegar solution in your dogs face. S/he will soon learn to stop.

We all love our pets dearly. If you have any other ideas and would like to expand on this page please use the following form. I will add your comments and give you recognition for your submission. Use the form at the bottom of this page for your entry.

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