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Vinegar Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

If you are overweight, an Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss plan can help you lose weight.

I say vinegar weight loss “plan” because like any other product, natural or otherwise, vinegar is not the whole picture. Think of vinegar as one of several tools in your diet toolbox. An important tool maybe, but still just a tool.

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Over 40 billion dollars are spent annually in the battle against overweight and most of it, in my opinion, is totally wasted. Worse, much of it is detrimental to your health.

Some people are preoccupied with the idea that there is a quick fix out there that will cause the lbs and inches to melt off with very little effort or sacrifice on their part.

Others believe that the only way they can lose weight is to starve themselves or go on ridiculous diets that they can’t maintain or that deprive their bodies of important nutrients thereby placing their health at risk.

Neither approach is productive when it comes to weight loss.

Vinegar is not an exception so please don’t fall for all the hype you see on the internet.

Yes, vinegar weight loss is possible if you apply it properly.

The Reality From a Vinegar Weight Loss Perspective

Here are some important facts about Apple Cider Vinegar and weight loss:

  • ACV will not reduce a person’s weight unless they control their food intake (I am not necessarily speaking about food volume here)
  • ACV is 100% natural, free of toxic chemicals and one of the best health aids known. Bragg apple cider vinegar is the one I buy but there are others.
  • Along with ACV you need to exercise and consume healthy foods
  • avoid all refined, processed, sugared products and beverages (especially soda pop)
  • increase consumption of fresh organic fruits & vegetables; raw salads, sprouts, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

"Please stay with me as I would like to make a few supportive comments about nutrition in general. Although I am going to stray from vinegar for a moment I promise you I will return to vinegar weight loss shortly."

"Food" for Thought

Natural products do not "cure". They provide the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Given proper nutrition, your body will correct the condition for you.

This is Especially True in Weight Loss.

You are NOT what YOU EAT. You are what your CELLS EAT!

When choosing the foods you will consume think of them in terms of what they will do to, or for, the cells of your body.

The secret to health and weight loss lies in ...

"Cellular Nutrition"

Do not fall for diets that deprive you of certain food groups like protein, carbohydrates or fats.

These diets will not work long term and you only jeopardize your health.

Your cells need these nutrients to perform properly and avoiding them will not solve your overweight problem.

If you agree with my comments above you are probably wondering...

"How can I be sure I am providing my body with sufficient nutrition to work the wonders it was designed to do?"

Very good question!

Unfortunately the answer is outside the scope of this site.

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The fact is, this one plant provides all the nutrition your body needs to operate at it's peak potential.

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So What DOES Vinegar Do?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a very effective vinegar weight loss supplement if it is taken as part of a nutritious diet and lifestyle. In keeping with my “tool” analogy above, there are several areas in weight loss that are affected by ACV:

  • Appetite Suppressant - ACV contains a fiber compound called pectin which will help to control hunger and cravings. 1 to 2 tsp taken with water will expand in your stomach and cause your appetite to decrease if taken right before meals.
  • Water Retention - If you have too much sodium in your diet your body will retain additional water and your weight will increase. The potassium content in apple cider vinegar helps to flush out the sodium resulting in the elimination of excess water. Your weight will go down.
  • Metabolism - The rate your body converts calories into energy is known as your metabolism. The acetic acid content of ACV promotes the absorption of iron in your food. This process causes an increased use of oxygen and a raised metabolic rate. The increased metabolic rate means more calories are burned. Your weight will go down.
  • Digestion - ACV aids digestion which reduces the time your food remains in the stomach. As a result less of the calorie dense fats are absorbed by your body.
  • Stress Reduction- Many people overindulge when they are stressed. An emotional eater is more likely to eat foods they shouldn’t and at inopportune times. During the digestive process ACV assists in the release of tryptophan, a key amino acid, which will then cause the release of serotonin. Since serotonin is a natural tranquilizer your body will feel less stressed and you will be less likely to overeat.

Now that you see some of the roles apple cider vinegar weight loss plays in the process you should understand that it alone is not the answer to overweight problems.

As a tool, ACV can assist you to obtain your weight loss goals but it is not the magical elixir which will transform your body however you desire. (like many say on the internet)

ACV is part of a process; a process which must include good eating habits and exercise.

Besides the weight loss qualities this drink will provide, there are lots of other health benefits you should notice after a few days. Visit other pages of this site to see how this natural product will help your overall health.

If you have other health issues besides your weight, you may want to increase your consumption. You can really put apple cider vinegar to work by consuming the following drink, 2 – 3 times a day.

Please keep in mind that vinegar is not a drug so there are no set rules for dosage. Feel free to modify this recipe to fit your taste.

  • 2 tablespoons ACV with the mother
  • 1 -2 tablespoons Honey for taste
  • 8 oz of hot water

I like to drink this before meals and find it to be very enjoyable.

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