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Fibromyalgia Treatment

At this time there is no known cure therefore any fibromyalgia treatment will concentrate on the symptoms rather than the illness.

Before taking any form of home health remedies or arthritis treatments it is very important that you are sure you are suffering from fibromyalgia as other conditions may have similar symptoms.

A vitamin d deficiency, for example, can often be mistaken for fibromyalgia.

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See your doctor first to rule out other possibilities as you do not want to delay treatment.

Because of the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, your natural inclination may be to turn to non-prescription drugs such as aspirin however they are not particularly helpful.

From the limited research I have done on this condition it appears to me that natural remedies would be more beneficial than chemical treatments. Of course, if your doctor contradicts anything I say here, s/he is right and I am wrong.

Having said that, it is very clear in my mind that …

Apple Cider Vinegar Does Help

Because of its malic acid content pure unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is helpful in reducing muscle pain.

Chronic muscle pain has been linked to the presence of toxins in muscle tissue. Malic acid is known to bind with these toxins allowing your body to eliminate them through normal processes thereby easing the pain you may be experiencing.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Do's & Don'ts

Don’t Stress Your Liver

If your liver is not functioning properly you will become more prone to pain and fatigue which are both symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Your liver is responsible for filtering out the toxins and waste products from your blood as well as the production of proteins, the metabolizing of fats, the storage of important nutrients and carbohydrates and is a key player in the digestion of the food you eat.

Because of the importance of a healthy functioning liver for your overall health as well as for fibromyalgia treatment, it would be wise for you to consider a regular liver cleanse. Here again apple cider vinegar can play an important role in your treatment.

ACV is one of the most widely praised detox methods for cleansing your liver and stabilizing your body’s pH level so it does not become too acidic.

Increase Your Oxygen Flow

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you may find that the oxygen level in the blood flowing to your muscles is lower than normal. This decreased oxygen level will cause a build up of lactic acid and that means pain.

Nutritional supplementation can assist you correct this problem. Take a good quality, whole food, multi-vitamin which includes:

  • B vitamin complex,
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • vitamin D and
  • manganese

Make sure that any supplementation you take contains natural whole food ingredients rather than crystalline or synthetic nutrients.

If you want my recommendation for an exceptional multi vitamin supplement, use the "CONTACT ME" button above and copy the above list into the comments section.

Increase your Essential Fatty Acids

You will probably find that your body is deficient in essential fatty acids so you should consume foods rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9.

Essential fatty acids are natural anti-inflammatory nutrients that support muscle, bone and joint health so they can play a very important part in your fibromyalgia treatment.

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want my recommendation in this area.

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