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The Agonizing Details of My Internet Home Business

The lovely Internet Home Business you see on the screen before you grew out of several failed attempts at the illusive goal of obtaining a passive income.

Passive income is the term most used to describe a situation where you do some work once and then get paid many times.

Attaining this wonderful state of financial security is not always as easy as it may seem. At least not for me ...

As you read this, picture yourself skipping over the obstacles and starting your own successful online business.

You can follow my footsteps and make some serious money talking about something that interests you.

  • a hobby
  • a skill
  • a passion

This could be the start of a new fun and rewarding career for you.

Here is My Story

internet-home-businessMy Internet Home Business Story

Once upon a time, many years ago when I was quite young and still trying to find my way in this world, I was approached with an "opportunity" to earn lots of money and secure my future.

The opportunity was in an industry known at the time as "Multilevel Marketing" and it was, I was told, pretty much a sure thing. All I needed to do was follow a simple process that was already laid out for me and if I did that, I couldn't fail.

Unfortunately ....

I Failed

Don't get me wrong. The business was strong, the products were great and everyone around me was doing well and making a profit.

Some were making tons of money, driving company cars, going on company paid trips etc. Others were making a modest income and seemed to be destined for better things if they hung in there.

I was making some money here and there and sometimes it looked like my business might take off so ....

I Hung In There

What can I say? I had faith. Success was just around the corner and if I just kept at it success would eventually find me.

I knew I could do this.

  • I had product knowledge
  • I knew the marketing plan
  • I could sell the opportunity
  • The product was something everybody needed

But ....

I Was Afraid to Talk to People

Ok... now you're laughing at me aren't you? Don't deny it I can hear you through the speakers on my laptop.

As a child I was very shy and as an adult I was quite introverted and had difficulty starting and maintaining conversations.

This was definitely a game changer and I don't mean that in a positive way.

How could I possibly be successful in an industry that was based on social networking if I was afraid to talk to people?

I appeared to be at an impasse so ...

Why Didn't I Just Quit?

Here's the thing ...

  1. I knew this industry was the easiest way to earn lots of income without getting an expensive education,
  2. I loved the idea of getting paid over and over for doing something once (passive income),
  3. Many others were successful so why not me and most importantly,
  4. I am not a quitter

So what was the answer?

I had no problem getting my thoughts down on paper and if I could just get people to read them maybe I could make some sales.

After considerable thought it occurred to me that the best way to "talk" to masses of people would be to advertise on ...

The Internet

I didn't have a lot of money to invest so I did what everybody else does and looked for the cheapest web host I could find and blazed ahead with page after page of information about the company's products and opportunity.

I was finally taking massive action in the pursuit of my dreams. People were going to read this stuff on my internet home business and feel compelled to purchase my products and join my business.

I spent many hours developing a beautiful site with lots of great content and lots of links back to the company's website so "my customers" could purchase the products and I could get rich.

I spent money to have my website promoted to the search engines so people could find me on the "World Wide Web".

My plan was perfect. Nothing could go wrong. This was going to be easy and much better than picking up a phone and bothering my friends and relatives with my new business.

My internet home business would display my products in full color and in all their splendor complete with information on what they would do for the health of anyone that purchased them.

I was finally on my way.

This time I couldn't fail!

I Failed

Unfortunately events did not transpire as I was expecting:

  • Nobody was going to my replicated company site
  • Nobody was buying my products
  • Nobody was contacting me for more information

My new internet home business site was beautiful. The information I was providing came straight from the company literature. What was wrong?

This was very puzzling for me because my pages had lots of great pictures and tons of information about the products.

People should be rushing to get their hands on this stuff right?

Apparently not ....

What was wrong and how could I fix it?

Has this ever happened to you?

I started searching online for answers and then ...

I Found SBI!

Home Business

I began scouring the internet and found countless gurus and website hosts that offered to take my money but no one seemed to have the answers that I was looking for.

SBI! was the only company that took the time to help me create a profitable business before I jumped into making a website.

Then I found "Site Build It!"

SBI! took the tortoise approach to building a profitable business not just an attractive website that nobody sees. 

Instead of simply taking my money and wishing me luck they started me off reading what they called the "SBI! Action Guide".

The SBI! Action Guide shows you, step-by-step, how to build, market and grow a profitable website and online business.

The first thing I learned from reading "the guide" was that I was making the same mistake that 99% of web developers make every day.

Even the "big guys" do this ...

Most People Begin With "Monetize"

BIG MISTAKE - At best, this process does not attract traffic and even if it did, it would not result in "ready to buy" customers.

I learned that when people search on the internet they aren't looking for me or my products they are looking for information.

If that is the case doesn't it make sense to start by providing great content? After all, what did you search for when you found this site?

So, if you agree let's continue this line of thinking because ...

There Is A Better Way

SBI! taught me a very different process; a process that actually works.

They taught me ....

Content - Traffic - PREsell - Monetize is the underlying, logical and powerful process that capitalizes upon the fundamental realities of how people use the Web.

C T P M put me on a solid, profitable business foundation.

As I said before SBI! taught me that, on the internet, people were not looking for me or my business, they were looking for answers to their questions or problems.

  • In order to capture their interest I first had to provide good quality Content. (aside from this page, would you agree that I do that on this site? If so let me know in the comments section at the bottom of one of my pages. Thank's for that ;-D )
  • Good quality content would result in more visitors or Traffic. This has definitely been the case for me on this site as I am getting about 1500 visits a day at the time of this writing.
  • Good quality content and traffic would then PREsell (ie: result in visitors that were open to buy what I had to sell) I don't really offer anything for sale on this site so can't give you that validation but it only makes sense right?
  • Only then could I Monetize. My income from this site comes from advertisers that post to my pages.

What do you think of these 4 steps? What do you think of the order in which they are placed? Makes sense right?

At last I had the answers I was seeking and do you know what? ....

The Answer Is Not In The Web Hosting

Anybody can provide space on a server to host your site. This type of service is very cheap and so they are able to lure you in with prices like $5 a month.

After they have you they can sell you additional services that you need to make your site visible.

Unfortunately, even after purchasing all these add-ons, some costing more than the entire suite of products called SBI!, you are still left on your own to make or break it. This is where most people fail.

I know .... I was there.

Internet Home Business Success

Since discovering SBI! I have found my results to be very different. I have finally realized the true potential of "Passive Income". Now I can build a web page once and attract income over and over again.

My dream of owning a profitable internet home business and the resulting passive income had been attained.

SBI Even Gives You a
90 Day Trial Offer

I Found SBI! and created a profitable internet home business. You can too.

Just give them a chance to prove it. Nothing to download. No extra costs. Everything you need is included in the one price. You simply register and get started. I know you will be pleased.

Test them out for 90 days. You can't lose!

If you want you can do this to. First check out SBI! and see the incredible service they will provide to you at a very low cost.

They will do much more than provide a home (host) for your web site. They will teach you how to build a home business that "gets the click".

This internet home business (Vinegar Home Remedies) is an example of what I am talking about.

You don't have to be selling a product or service to build a profitable business using SBI! The site you are on now provides useful information about a product you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard.

I don't sell you anything yet I am making money.

The point is you can use SBI! to build a successful website that will earn you money for talking about your hobby, interest or passion.

The possibilities are endless and SBI! has all the tools (at no extra cost) that can help you discover them.

I guess by now you can tell that I am very happy with the SBI! product and the success it has provided me. I have never seen anything like it and they keep improving it almost on a weekly basis.

To learn more, direct from SBI!, click on any of the graphic links in the column on the right side of this page.

You don't have to go through hours of agony and expense like I did.

SBI! has your path laid out for you to follow.

Thanks for listening to My Story.

God Bless and Good Health

Stephen Calver

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