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Normal Blood Sugar
Vinegar and Diabetes

Vinegar recently came to our attention for its ability to promote a normal blood sugar level. This is of great interest to those with type 2 diabetes.

Vinegar appears to stop some digestive enzymes from breaking down carbohydrates into sugar.

This would slow the absorption of sugar into the blood and provide your body more time to process it. The result would be blood sugar content closer to normal levels.

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Why are Normal Blood Sugar levels Important?

Research suggests that just a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day can help to improve insulin sensitivity after meals and even prevent spiking blood glucose levels in the early morning, also known as the “dawn phenomenon”.   WebMD

By reducing the usual blood sugar jump after a meal you lower the amount of insulin your body would need to release to deal with it.

Controlling blood sugar levels can help delay or in some cases even prevent many complications such as blindness, impotence and amputation of extremities.

Also, because diabetics have an increased risk for serious health issues such as heart disease, controlling your blood sugar levels will lesson the chances of suffering from some other very serious health condition.

What Happens?

The role of insulin is to help your body absorb glucose, or sugar from the carbohydrates in food in order to use them for energy.

If you have type2 diabetes the cells in your body will become resistant to the effects of insulin. As a result sugar builds up in your blood at the same time as your cells are starving for it. There will also be a corresponding build up of insulin because your body will be attempting to deliver the excess sugar to the cells.

Not a good situation! In fact, one of the biggest goals in diabetes treatment is to normalize blood sugar levels.

So What Will Vinegar do for You?

Well, now we are getting into a bit of a risky area.

Even though many studies support vinegar as a dietary aid, more research is definitely needed in this area. More importantly, at least from my perspective ....

I am not a doctor and I sure don’t have any experience treating Diabetes patients so I prefer not to get too deep into this kind of a discussion however ….

  • If there is no reason to believe you are at any risk of diabetes I recommend you still increase your dietary consumption of vinegar.

    You may be surprised to experience other health benefits (Studies have shown beneficial effects on control groups due to a reduction in insulin levels as well as normal blood sugar readings)
  • If you have not been diagnosed but have a history of diabetes in your family, I strongly recommend you try increasing your dietary intake of vinegar
  • If you have been diagnosed or are pre-diabetic, it may be advisable to discuss increasing your consumption of vinegar with your doctor or dietician See Disclaimer for Details

Having said all that, there have been some very positive reports:

  • Diabetic patients who drank a small amount of apple cider vinegar before bed experienced improved blood glucose levels the next morning.
    Diabetes Care - November 2007 issue
  • Consumption of apple cider vinegar prior to eating a high-carbohydrate meal has shown an improvement in blood glucose levels compared with drinking water prior to the meal
    Diabetes Care - January 2004 issue
  • Vinegar reduces postprandial hyperglycemia in patients with type 1 diabetes, according to a recent study
    Renal and Urology News - April 1 2010 issue

Of course, the cautionary statement is always to the effect that more and larger studies need to be done to understand the mechanism and effectiveness of vinegar for normal blood sugar.

What are Your Blood Sugar Readings?

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