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ACV Testimony: Getting my Life Back

by Isabella McCory
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

If you've ever had a bad case of "Over grown Candida... You'll know just what I'm talking about Deliverance!

I went to the Health Food store and told the Manager how I was feeling. I told them I'd taken antibiotics for a UTI and Yeast infection. I was feeling bloated .. Pressure in lower abdomen and lower back...Felt like my insides were going to fall out. No energy at all...Very sluggish. And I'm 66 years old (young) and am very active, still work part-time after retiring... Cleaning offices and big houses. My mind was very foggy... Couldn't hold a thought for very long ....I thought well that comes with getting older.

When the Manager told me that I had Candida overgrowth....He explained it to me very thoroughly. He said we all have a certain amount of yeast in our bodies....But with eating too much if sugary carbs i.e. bread...Pasta... Potatoes...Rice ..Sweets... Breaded greasy foods..... Candida feeds on that until it's overgrowth begins to cause all these problems. He told me Apple Cider Vinegar is the healer. It keeps out pH level balanced...And when it's balanced.. Everything else is also. Our gut causes most of our problems. The whole digestive system needs an overhaul.

So ACV cleans up the Candida and all bacteria and viruses...Germs..And infection. Due to it's acidic properties. 1 to 2 tablespoons a day in the drink of your choice.. as long as it gets flowing in your system.

I got my life back...Feeling so much better!

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