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Apple Cider Vinegar for Bladder Retention

by Wallace Dickson
(Washington, DC)

I woke up this morning with a powerful urge to urinate. I tried, but could not pass anything but a small weak stream. My bladder remained bloated and I was very uncomfortable, although had no pain, at least not yet.

I tried to find a valid home remedy which I always prefer to standard or traditional medical treatments, and surely did not want surgery!

I thought of Apple Cider Vinegar, and remembering I had a large bottle of Bragg's ACV in the kitchen, mostly unused since I bought it months ago, I decided to try it as my remedy for bladder retention. I took 2 tablespoons in an 8 oz. glass of purified water and 1 tsp of raw honey.

I was amazed when, within 30 minutes, I was able to freely urinate and empty my distended bladder. I was also able to have a bowel movement which also relieved some of the pressure on my urethra. What a relief!!

I will take 2 tablespoons of ACV in water with a bit of honey every morning from this day forward and expect that I will not experience such discomfort again. And from what I read here on this web site, I will find relief from other ailments as well. I will record them as they occur and let you know going forward what I find in the way of better health.

I'm particularly interested in what ACV might do for my quest to drop 40 pounds of weight, as I have tried without success to lose belly fat for nearly a decade.


Wallace, thank you so much for your post.

I am glad you found apple cider vinegar worked for you in this case and I am confident you will see more positive results if you continue to take it on a daily basis.

If you have any further experiences to relay feel free to post again. I love hearing from people that are helped through the use of vinegar.

God Bless,


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