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Cleaning Shower Head

by Doug

I use vinegar to clean my shower head. It does a great job of removing the calcium and whatever other stuff is in there that clogs the thing. And because my shower head is plastic I find that vinegar is a nice gentle way to clean it.

And it's easy to do. Submerge your shower head in a bowl of vinegar on your way out the door to work. When you come home eight or ten hours later you will be amazed.

And, oh yeah. Vinegar also works pretty good on french fries.


Steve's response:

Thank you for your input Doug.

In fact it inspired me to build a page dealing specifically with Shower Head Cleaning.

Vinegar is a very popular remedy for issues of water scaling wherever they are found. I remember years ago when my Mom would use vinegar to clean a steam iron. I myself have used it to descale a tea kettle. Vinegar is also very effective at rust removal from your tools.

The uses for vinegar around the home seem to be endless. Perhaps someone else can comment on their experience with vinegar as a home remedy?

Again, thank you Doug. I hope you find the time to make more comments on my site.

God Bless,


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