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Early stages of using ACV for Fibromyalgia

by KevinS
(Fort Rucker, AL, USA)

I was desperate to get rid of a sinus infection. Two bouts of antibiotics and it still came back. So I started Apple Cider Vinegar.

It still did not appear to work for sinusitis, but my fibro was a different story. My fibro makes me very tired.

I usually go home at lunch, take another tramadol (it helps wake me up), and take a quick nap. Same routine after work. Since taking ACV (4 weeks now), I feel absolutely rejuvenated and can get thru a day without naps and tramadol.

I want to give it another month before I make this conclusion, but I am certainly believing in it.


Thanks for the incredible story Kevin. I hope ACV continues to provide you with some relief. If it doesn't completely relieve you of pain, contact me because I have something else you can try.

I have Osteoarthritis and was in a lot of pain 3 years ago, but since I started with an incredible botanical, I have now been pain free for 2.5 years.

God Bless,


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