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GERD Symptoms

Uncomplicated GERD symptoms are primarily heartburn, regurgitation, and nausea.

When there are complications of GERD you may experience more serious symptoms such as ulcers, asthma, as well as throat, lung and ear infection.

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Heartburn has been described as a burning pain in the middle of your chest. It occurs when acid from your stomach refluxes back into your esophagus stimulating nerve fibers and causing a very uncomfortable feeling.

Heartburn is most common after meals especially if you lie down as this allows easier access for reflux and slower return of the acid to your stomach. For this reason you should avoid eating immediately before bedtime.

If heartburn is a regular experience for you, it is important that you see your doctor rather than rely on home remedies as it may develop into a more serious condition such as cancer.

For others who experience heartburn on rare occasions I suggest you try a teaspoon of vinegar. You will be surprised at how quickly it works to stop the pain.


I think everybody has experienced regurgitation at one time or another in their lives and although unpleasant at the time, it usually passes and we don't think any further about it.

Again, a teaspoon of vinegar will help. If nothing else it will get the acid taste out of your mouth.

You may argue that it replaces it with a worse taste but at least it stops the re-occurrence of acid reflux and the vinegar taste itself disappears quickly.

Regurgitation should be rare and identified with eating a certain type of food rather than a reoccurring event for you.

If you find you often experience regurgitation visit your doctor to make sure it isn't a sign of worse things to come.


Unexplained nausea is one of the symptoms that, although uncommon, is a very good indicator of GERD.

In severe cases it may even lead to vomiting. If you are experiencing nausea, try some vinegar. If you get relief, you probably had GERD.

Vinegar For Immediate Relief

If you are experiencing GERD symptoms, vinegar will probably help and if it does your relief will usually be immediate.

Do not however fall into the trap of continued self medication using vinegar or any other home remedy.

If GERD has become a common issue for you rather than an occasional annoyance, please get medical attention.

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