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It is fading now
by: Anonymous

This is what I did: retired from my stressful job, stopped wearing tight spandex and sitting for 6 hours a day; started getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Cut out all grains (rice, wheat, quinoa, etc.), legumes, processed foods, added sugar; cut out all artificial sweeteners (they kill beneficial bacteria) and started eating a lot of yogurt, lean protein and kale in a mostly paleo diet. Supplements: multi, Align, tumeric, b complex, d (2,000), coQ10 and glucosamine. Good luck!

Granuloma Annulare treatment that works for me
by: Anonymous

I was in a doctor's office and read a magazine for Doctors of Dermatology. A study was done to see if Omega-3 would be effective for this condition. A small number of people in the study had complete clearing of their Granuloma Annulare and some had a 50% decrease in the severity of their condition. Unfortunately the article stated the results were not good enough to promote this as a widespread treatment. But the article stated if a person wanted to try it, the study dose was 3000 mg of Omega 3 daily.

I started using this and my Granuloma Annulare cleared by 90%. I continue to take Omega-3 3,000 mg daily and it is keeping my skin condition under control. I took the medication that is used to treat Leprosy and it cleared up my Granuloma completely. But after 2 years, it stopped working.

I stopped the creams to save the integrity of my skin. The Omega 3 continues to work for me. For some, it might be worth a try. As for vinegar, who knows.


Very interesting post anonymous.

Omega 3 does appear to have an affect on skin conditions and is well worth considering.

My comment is that I don't believe a person should "zero in" on one nutrient and expect to get optimum results. Nutrients do not work best "in a vacuum".

Instead of taking Omega 3 doses I suggest you look for a product that uses natural, whole food ingredients (including Omega 3) that work together in synergy.

My family takes Moringa Oleifera every morning and we find it helps in many areas of our health.

Do a search for moringa on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website www.pubmed.com and you will get an idea of all the health uses of this plant.

Also check out this video http://youtu.be/ZZQoozKLFiA to learn how powerful Moringa Oleifera is.

I have created a page on this. If you want more info go to https://www.vinegar-home-remedies.com/moringa-oleifera.html

God Bless,
Webmaster Vinegar Home Remedies

Granuloma Annulare and apple cider vinegar
by: Sharon

I too have GA and have had it for the last 9 years. I've gone with the creams, ointments, topical steroids along with a number of other drugs as well as light therapy and Chinese herbs. The only thing that has helped is Prednisone. Unfortunately, you cannot be on it forever and as soon as you come off, it starts to reappear. I have it all over my legs, especially on the upper backs of my thighs. It is extremely ugly and I'm very self-conscious. I had nothing to lose, so I began a regiment of apple cider vinegar (1 oz. in 16 ozs. of water twice a day. I have done this for about 2 weeks. I would love to say that it has helped, however, it has not. There are some days when it looks a little paler, but that could just be wishful thinking. I need help and am desperate enough to go back on the Prednisone. Thanks for letting me vent.

ACV and Granuloma Annulare
by: Anonymous

I too have had GA for over 2 years, it just started one day on my hand and spread slowly into a circle (I thought I had ringworm).

Then it spread to a finger and then it erupted onto the index finger of my other hand. I have tried every remedy on the surface of the planet that doctors have to offer (and have spent hundreds of dollars doing so).

Then I tripped over this (and another) website that indicated that ACV (such as Braggs) which is unfiltered and has the "Mother" in it, could be a possible cure.

After taking 1 oz a day diluted in a glass of water, with a little sugar in it, and applying the vinegar topically a couple times a day, the redness is GREATLY reduced, and it's all starting to scab over.

Before it was a beacon on my hand (and I work with the public and need to have impeccable hands).

Now it's something I can actually just put some cover up on and it's almost not visible. I am confident that ACV will cure this!!! Who knew!!

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