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Just a Pinch-Penny

I use vinegar for cleaning in the kitchen keeping white vinegar in a spritz bottle by the stove.

It cuts grease like nobody's business; in fact canning directions for meats and other fat-containing foods all say to clean off the rims of canning jars with a swipe of vinegar on a clean cloth to remove all traces of grease and ensure a good canning seal, which is why I tried it for grease cutting elsewhere. Follow up with a spritz of clear water if your surface is something that will rust.

It cuts calcium hard water deposits - I fill the tea kettle with vinegar monthly to keep the insides nice and clean. Other hard water deposits are cleaned likewise from the shower head to even the toilet bowl and shower doors (the spritz works best on vertical surfaces).

I dilute vinegar 1/4 cup to 2 cups water and use as a hair rinse at least monthly to strip off shampoo residues, close the hair cuticle, and create an amazing shine. Lemon juice used the same way will also slowly lighten and brighten blonde hair. A rinse of 1/8 c vinegar to 2 c water also helps cut excess oils and soap residue from the face is used as a final rinse.

So I use vinegar all over the place! Unfiltered ACV for
consuming and white vinegar for cleaning (cheaper and easier to find).

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