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Just how much vinegar is safe

by Romona Wilcox
(makawao hi.)

I believe I have athetosis so I'm trying very hard to find out how much apple cider vinegar I should take on a daily basis diluted.

Once I visited Costa Rica and a Korean acupuncturist gave me a recipe for my stomach disorder which was tbsp of oil, a teaspoon of vinegar and a dash of salt swishing around my mouth and swallow.

It always seem to help calm my stomach but now I'm learning that I need to change my pH because I've got all the symptoms and I've had it for over a year and I'm not trusting the medical profession with there at adults that have side effects that are worse than I started with.

So I'm really truly wanting to go with all natural any suggestions or advice on how much apple cider vinegar to take on a daily basis thank you very much.


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