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Vinegar for Headaches - Home Remedies

by Wolfpack Girl
(San Antonio)

I have had migraines for 30+ years and have tried almost everything to get them under control.

Yesterday I went into "full lockdown" mode--eye mask to block out light, ear plugs to block sound, door locked to keep my wonderful husband and sons out of the room so I could (try to) sleep this mother of all migraines off after going through my progressively aggressive pharmaceutical and homeopathic remediation strategy including butterbur an feverfew, magnesium, three doses of Isometh/Acetomenophen/Dichlor, Lavender essential oil, Binaural/Delta wave relaxation music, and finally Relpax.

None of these worked. After a fitful and restless night I was resigned to the prospect of going to the Urgent Care Center for an IV "Migraine Cocktail" to get this headache to abate.

When I opened the kitchen cabinet I saw a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother and remembered a post I had seen about it helping with headaches.

I figured "what the heck, if it works I save a $60 co-pay, if not, I can still go to Urgent Care, I just want this headache GONE!"

Well, I drank three caps-full in a glass full of water, and by the time I had made my omelet the headache was significantly better. By the time I finished eating it was gone.

I do not like the taste or smell of the vinegar, but this is going to be part of my daily routine. If it could help with this headache it is the real deal. I would much rather treat with natural methods than pharmaceutical!!


Thanks Wolfpack Girl

That was a powerful testimonial. Apple cider vinegar with the mother can often surprise you with the health benefits it provides.

It's too bad more people don't take the same attitude. "If it works, great. If not, at least I tried".

So many people want to see the proof before they try anything and as a result they miss out on a simple fix for a serious problem like a migraine headache.

Thanks again for sharing.

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