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Vinegar for Nausea

by Ryan Michael Taylor
(College station, TX)

Completely wiped out my nausea and revived my energy and mood. Well those last two probably were caused by the nausea in the first place. I could have sworn I had a definite psychological effect though.

The nausea was coupled with cold shakes and the vinegar took care of those to. There was a definite raising of my internal thermostat which was great because I always tend to be cold when others are fine.

I am extremely confused because I am an alcoholic and that habit tends to create a chronic over acidic condition which is normally cited as a prime culprit for chronic nausea.

I do take a magnesium bicarbonate solution supplement and trace mineral supplement to counterbalance the usual symptoms of alcohol and this recent discovery of vinegar completely curing my sour stomach in the morning after drinking leads me to wonder if under-acidic/over-alkaline conditions can lead to nausea as well.

I found this blog seeking the possible mechanism of action, but literature on vinegar panaceas with actual science seems difficult to come by.

I really am confused as hell as why it would work so well given the aforementioned PH issue which also leads me to wonder if there are other properties of vinegar besides its acidity responsible for it's benefits.

I can take three hefty shots and feel absolutely amazing. Mind you - this is no fancy apple cider vinegar - no sir, just the regular cheap ass 44 cent 16oz bottle of Walmart brand (GV) distilled white vinegar.

I'm talking instantaneous nausea elimination. Seriously stunned and confused here.

I'm going to do some digging and post what I find. As a man of science I am most certainly not content with this remaining an ancient apothecary's magic potion.

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