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Vinegar for Rash

by Lisa

I have had a rash on my leg (front of calf) for a couple years. It will flare up, spread, and get very itchy, inflamed and even hot to the touch.

I tried every over the counter medicine I could get my hands on.

One day, out of desperation, I tried vinegar. I just pour regular vinegar on the area a couple times a day. It is amazing how it is drying up the rash.

Totally took away the itch and redness.

I have diabetes so I don't heal like I used to, and it is taking longer than I would like, but the size of the rash has reduced in half, and I am sure it will be gone completely in a couple months.

Who knew?


Vinegar Also Works on Other Skin Conditions
by: Stephen (Vinegar-Home-Remedies)

I know vinegar works well on itchy skin and is very good for sensitive skin care. Thanks for commenting about your experience with vinegar on your rash.

If you have diabetes you may want to consider taking some apple cider vinegar internally as well.

There have been studies that show taking a tablespoon of ACV before meals and at bed time will assist your body regulate post meal and fasting glucose levels.

Do a Google search for "vinegar diabetes studies" to see what I mean.

Thanks again for your input. Please feel free to visit often and report your findings here for everyone to see.


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