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Vinegar in My Wash to Kill Fragrances

by Bob
(Orlando, FL)

I am allergic to Fragrances. Last Christmas my sister gave me some shirts that stunk of Perfumes. I washed them repeated times and hung them outside to air but still I could not bring them into the house. The fragrance smell was just too strong.

Then my daughter told me to try a quarter cup of white vinegar in the wash. After one wash with white vinegar the fragrance smells were gone. Now I washed them again to get rid of the vinegar smell but this was well worth it for me. Now I could wear these new shirts.

12% of people are allergic to fragrances so if you can't get a smell out of a fabric try white vinegar.


Steve's response:

Thank you very much for sharing Bob.

Ideas like yours are exactly what I want to add to the content of this site. Vinegar has so many uses in our homes and I couldn’t possibly know them all. With readers like you adding your experiences to my pages we can all find something useful to take away.

By the way if you are allergic to scents you probably have some issues with the chemicals in detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches. Would you be interested in a technology that attaches to your washing machine and eliminates the need for any of these additives?

I have been using this unit for about 2 years now and do not add anything to my wash but the water that flows through the device. It uses only cold water, cleans as well or better than laundry detergent, is easy on your clothes and pays for itself in as little as 1 year of use. It uses natural gases from the air like ozone and hydroxyls to bubble through the water killing bacteria and removing dirt from the fabric.

Perfectly safe, ozone and hydroxyls are created naturally in the air we breathe outside, by such things as sunlight and thunderstorms.

I have even put it to the perfume test. My wife brought home a vest that reeked of perfume and the owner was unable to get rid of the smell. I admit I didn’t think about using vinegar but put it through 2 oxygenated washes. The odor was completely removed and the garment was returned to its thrilled owner.

If you want more information about this unit and where you can obtain it just Contact Me using “Detergent Free Laundry Attachment” as the topic and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your addition to my site.


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