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White Vinegar Diapers

by Cindy Masri
(San Lorenzo, CA)

My son had a diaper rash, I was told to put a cap of white vinegar in his disposable diapers; make about 5; let dry; Then use them to treat the rash.

By the second diaper the rash was less angry, so I continued, by the next day the rash was gone.

I made up more diapers to keep them on hand. As long as you can smell the vinegar they will work.


Great story Cindy.

I know vinegar is very effective for washing cloth diapers but hadn't thought about using it in disposable diapers for the baby's bottom.

As I said on my page Sensitive Skin Care, "ACV contains beta-carotene and pectin as well as many vitamins and minerals that are vital to healthy skin"

Your baby's bottom obviously appreciates it and there is no way the results could have been affected by wishful thinking or a placebo effect.

What more proof do you need?

What a wonderful idea. I am glad it worked well for you.

I hope others read this and become inspired to suggest other innovative uses for white vinegar.


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