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Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar Cravings

by Jimmy
(North Carolina)

I started taking ACV two weeks ago to see if there might be an effect on my blood sugar (my level is too high). I will find out at my next blood test and I'm hoping my level has dropped a little.

What I have found is that after I take two tablespoons of ACV, particularly in the evening, my sugar cravings have all but disappeared. I am a huge sugar-holic. Since my cravings are gone, I eat much less sugar. I imagine that eating less sugar will result in weight loss and lowered glucose levels in my blood.

I know there is a lot of debate on the possible multiple cures that ACV may influence, but I have personally experienced my elimination of sugar cravings.


Thanks for the input Jimmy.

I am confident that you will indeed get some positive results on your blood sugar levels when you take apple cider vinegar.

This is an area that is well researched. There are several studies that found vinegar may help lower glucose levels. In a 2007 study of people with type 2 diabetes there was a 4 to 6% overnight drop in glucose levels when ACV was taken at bed time.

There have also been studies on rats that seem to indicate benefits in the areas of high cholesterol, heart health, cancer and weight loss. Anecdotal evidence appears to bare this out but conclusive evidence has not yet been established.

In any event, I believe you are on the right tract and wish you the best of luck in your future health experiments.

God bless and good health to you.


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