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Apple cider Vinager
by: Anonymous

About 8 months ago after a medium paced parkrun I used to get searing pain in my ankle joints.

After a visit to my GP and scan at my local hospital I was diagnosed ankle spur and after 3 sessions of shockwave therapy (didn't work) I decided to give up running.

After awhile a friend of mine said to try Apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks which should help. I thought I have nothing to lose so after 2 weeks of taking it as a drink I have to say the pain has totally gone.

I did a parkrun last Saturday (no pain) Believe me it does work.

I HATED taking pain medication all the time but now so far so good.

Why wait for pain to return?
by: NM1938

Re: ACV Cured My Heal Spurs by Yvonne S. (Tamarac, Florida) "If the pain does return, out comes the vinegar remedy. I really believe in this simple cure".

This is something I intend to share with several friends who have conditions which give them pains in joints, tendons and muscles included.

To Yvonne S. comment I inquiry and pose the question to readers; --Is there, or would there be benefit gained, of taking ACV on a more regular basis instead of waiting for the return of pain?

And would taking ACV on a self-established healthy schedule possibly keep pain away and prevent the build up of calcium to the point of bringing on pain?

I'm deeply interested in ACV.... /NM

Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis
by: Julie

Both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis plagued me with pain and I started taking the apple cider vinegar getting some relief in my joints.

I went from being in a wheelchair part of the time to walking with a cane and now I walk without that too.

My heal spurs were not the biggest pain, but there is no pain now and my joints have less inflammation and move better.

Will definitely continue my acv drink. Happy to tell others about it and it always feels good to help others and know that you are not in it alone.


Heel Spur Remedy
by: SP, New Hampshire

I am definitely going to try this. Not keen on the other treatments. Thanks for the info.

Going to try
by: Anonymous

I cry myself to sleep because the pain in my feet from spurs is horrible. I'm going to start this this weekend. Will keep you posted.

Raw Honey for Diabetes
by: Anonymous

Cinnamon capsules and raw honey are great for combating sugar diabetes. Apple cider vinegar is good as a natural diuretic.

Do not take cinnamon the spice in large quantities. Cinnamon capsules that have been processed are best. I was on insulin and met for min for diabetes. ..began taking 1-2000 MG of cinnamon morning & night. I am now off both insulin & metformin. With diet changes & cinnamon. ..my glucose levels are under control. Taking a tulip of raw honey w/the cinnamon works even better.

acv with the mother
by: ed

Today is my first day trying apple cider vinegar with the mother to help me with my bones spurs in my heel will keep you guys posted


Great, give us your story when you are done.

my heel spur
by: Anonymous

How much water do I use with 1 tablespoon Apple cider and 1 tablespoon of honey in the raw.


It doesn't matter how much water you use. Some people drink it straight although apple cider vinegar is a bit tough to take that way.

Try it in about a cup of water. I suggest putting it in hot water because that turns it into a pleasant drink.

Thank you
by: Kelsie

Thank you so much for helping me I'm only twelve and I have a bone spur right below my knee . A doctor said I needed surgery and that scared me . I have been on the internet for days until I found this thank you

Heel Spur
by: Anonymous

Reading all the comments I am wondering what the (mother) in brackets means. Also because I have heel spur /right foot I was using my arm to get up from a seated /lying position and now have done something to my shoulder . Three years ago I had my left shoulder operated on so hope this is not a tear again. I am definitely going to give the vinegar a try ,anything but surgery or injections.
Thank You
Keep Well

In answer to your question about (the mother) see my page at https://www.vinegar-home-remedies.com/vinegar-mother.html

plantars faciitis/heel spurs
by: molly

I've had heel spurs for over a year now....nothing , including physical therapy has worked .I have been soaking my feet in apple cider vinegar and warm water for 10 minutes a day for about 11 days and the difference is remarkable....I'm still doing the stretching and biofreeze rub every night before bed......I'm going to start with apple cider vinegar/honey/warm water today....I'll let you know how it goes.....so far , so good.... :)

heel pain

I am suffering with heel spurs since 2005. I had taken hot wax treatment other therapies and then finally took cortisone injections. But to my good fortune, till April 2013 I had no pain . This year I started on the treadmill in April and the pain came back with a vengeance. I tried everything and again this time was about to go back to steroids. But at that time I read your blog. I am having the said acv with honey two times a day for last 10 days, BUT there is no relief at all .

So this is to the author where you have written you got relief in 2 weeks, I had great hope that i will be saying the same. BUT not yet! can you help me, please?

by: veronica

I'm trying the ACV remedy. I started 2 days ago but didn't know about the raw honey will start adding that tonight.

I believe in natural cures, natural remedies, prayer, meditation and visualization worked on dissolving an 8cm ovarian cyst in 1 yrs time.

Thank you for posting this....Blessings

by: Liv

I had to make a comment on this. I was in exactly the same boat only I had one heel spur that came with pain so agonising that I ended up quitting my job that required me being on my feet all day and having steroid injections(most painful thing I have experienced).

After trying every remedy I had no luck for two years until an old friend who I happened to run into advised me to try taking vinegar (with mother). So I did as I had tried every other remedy and this was not an expensive experiment. (I was desperate)

Within a month or so I felt I was on the mend, by the two to three month mark I never looked back. I started running and triathlon again. I ended up not having to take vinegar again until about 8 yrs later. (7 months ago) I ended up with a chronic hamstring injury that was caused from sprinting up a hill. Again having to give up exercise (crossfit) and trying to rest and recover with lots of massages and stretching I was not getting better, worse in fact. I then happened to see a bottle of vinegar in the supermarket with the 'mother' and I thought I would give it a crack. Guess what? I am on the mend....

Vinegar I will never give it up ever as again it has given me another new lease on life. I am running, riding and crossfitting again. I highly, extremely recommend it. in fact If you have a chronic muscle injury that won't budge, I beg you to try it.....it is cheap, I swig it two - three times a day. It takes my breath away but the pain of injury is no comparison.

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