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Mold Smell

by Judi
(Allentown, PA)

My old top load washing machine had a strong mold smell coming out of the discharge hose and nothing I would do to get rid of it seemed to work.

I even dumped a gallon of bleach into the washer drum and this seemed to work for awhile but the odor came back. Then a friend of mine suggested I try vinegar because she had the same problem which she fixed using vinegar.

She told me to fill the tub with very hot water and pour in 2 gallons of vinegar. I started the agitater and let it run for about 10 minutes then let the water/vinegar solution sit over night.

My friend said this would clear out a build up of minerals from the outside tub which was causing the odor problem. She was right. This solution worked.

The moldy smell was gone and now I repeat the process about once a year to keep it clean and odor free.

Also, I am curious to know what you are talking about when you refer to “detergent free laundry” on your website. As a lot of the mineral deposits probably come from detergent, would this also help with the mold smell?


Thanks for your "Mold Smell" post Judi
Steve - Vinegar Home Remedies

I had not heard of this use for removing mold smell in the wash but it certainly makes sense given the properties of vinegar and the many other things it does.

In this case the problem is caused by the build up of minerals and the vinegar certainly will break them down and then the mold smell would naturally disappear.

Yes I did mention detergent free laundry on my "Eczema Cures" page because the elimination of detergent from your wash does wonders for people suffering from skin problems.

I think you are probably right about it helping with the issue you spoke about as well.

I have used an inexpensive detergent free unit for 2 years now and have been extremely happy with its results. The unit attaches to a regular washing machine and treats the water before it goes into the tub.

It cleans your clothes using the same technology that Hospitals, Hotels and Laundromats have been using for over 10 years. Oxygen, peroxides and other gases are added to cold water to bubble and lift dirt and grime from your clothes without harming the fibers or adding harmful chemicals to your wash.

Our clothes are very clean and smell great; just like they were hanging out on the line.

Not only do you save money on your laundry but it works great for the environment to.

If you want more information please Contact Me and I will be happy to tell you more about this unit as well as provide you with a link to the company where I bought mine.

Thank you again for your post,


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