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Eczema Cures

Conventional medicine appears to have given up on eczema cures so several natural home remedies have stepped up to look after the symptoms.

Like apple cider vinegar, many of these home remedies, do a very good job and if used along with avoidance of certain “triggers”, are considered by many to actually be true eczema cures.

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External Causes and Applications

Eczema is often caused by skin irritants like strong chemicals such as detergents, perfumes and cosmetics.

There are many allergens in your environment both inside and outside your home. If you suffer from eczema your first line of defense should be to avoid these external triggers which may irritate your skin.

  • Laundry Detergent - What kinds of detergent do you use for your clothes? Have you considered alternatives? I am NOT talking about biodegradable, environment friendly or “green” detergent, I am talking about ...


  • If you are interested in a reasonably priced attachment for your washing machine that will provide a detergent free laundry solution, Contact Me and I will call you by phone or email (your choice) to tell you about the device my family uses. We just love the "thunderstorm fresh" smell our clothes get and I love telling everybody about it.
  • Chemical Cleaners, Gasoline and Solvents - These pose some obvious problems even if your skin was not sensitive to these abrasive products.
  • Body Soap and Lotions - Avoid any lotions which contain perfumes or additives. The same goes with moisturizers and remember expensive does not necessary mean best
  • Water - Consider wearing plastic or vinyl gloves whenever washing objects by hand. Don’t allow moisture to get inside the gloves against your hands as this may trigger your eczema
  • Hand Washing - Yes even hand washing can irritate your sensitive skin.
  • Use Cotton - Cotton is the best material to have against your skin because it “breaths”.
  • Avoid Lengthy Baths - Bathing dries out your skin. Consider applying a natural moisturizer after your bath to trap the moisture in.
  • Don’t Scratch - This is another obvious one. Cracked or broken skin can let in other pathogens to make issues worse for you.

Because of the nature of eczema, the natural temptation is to treat it by applying external solutions. This is not usually a very effective way to reduce the effects of eczema and certainly wouldn't rate as one of the natural eczema cures, but when the symptoms hit, you do what you can right?

But before you buy any of those expensive salves, ointments and moisturizers for itchy skin, skin infections, acne etc. make sure you visit your kitchen cupboard first. An inexpensive bottle of apple cider vinegar may just give you the relief you need at least for a little while.

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are beneficial if you suffer from skin infections, dry itchy skin and eczema.

I recommend dabbing a solution of equal amounts vinegar and water on the affected areas. This may sting a bit as the vinegar is mildly acidic.

Consider a weaker solution if you are administering to a small child.

This works great as an immediate treatment but for relief of a more permanent nature you will need to look at an …

Eczema Cures - The Internal Solution

If avoidance is your first line of defense for external triggers, nutrition is your first line of defense internally in your fight to control eczema and achieve a more permanent solution.

Start by eliminating the bad foods. What do you eat? Have you prepared a list to compare against outbreaks of eczema?

Once you avoid the foods that trigger your eczema reactions you will reduce your breakouts.

Next you need to target foods that will strengthen your immune system, boost your energy levels and, possibly more important, eliminate the toxins which are stored in your tissues.

Supplementation will help immensely in this area but, unfortunately, most of the supplements you find in health food stores are just not up to the job. - Don’t get me started!

Anyway, if you are looking for natural inexpensive eczema cures, I think apple cider vinegar is one of the best.

You can purchase Bragg ACV in various amounts from Amazon.

A strong immune system is "vital" in any eczema cures.

You may be surprised to learn that Apple Cider Vinegar is very rich in the vitamins and minerals that will give your immune system and energy levels a boost.

Apple cider vinegar has

  • the very important beta-carotene in a form that is natural and easy to digest
  • potassium which eases the effects of allergies
  • immune boosting amino acids, bioflavinoids and antioxidants
  • antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

A common cause of eczema flare ups is the build up of toxins in your body. For this reason it is very important that you keep your digestive and elimination processes working in top form.

Constipation is Your Enemy!

Apple cider vinegar three times a day is your answer. It contains insoluble fiber which aids digestion and elimination and promotes regularity. It also assists in the cleaning of your bowel.

If you really want to keep yourself regular try adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Eat a green salad at least once a day. Sprinkle some vinegar on it. ;-)

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