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Removing Warts Using Vinegar

Before purchasing any over the counter drugs for removing warts, consider trying this very simple and natural home remedy using Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar.

You can get rid of warts by following a simple and inexpensive regime before going to bed each night:

  • wash the infected area thoroughly with soap and water or rubbing alcohol
  • dip a cotton ball in vinegar and press it against the wart
  • secure the ball to the wart with a bandage or medical tape
  • put on a clean sock so the bandage will not be disturbed while you are sleeping
  • when you wake up in the morning discard the bandage so you do not spread the virus
  • wash the infected area thoroughly with soap and water or rubbing alcohol
  • pat the area dry and put duct tape (not regular tape) over the wart
  • keep the duct tape in place all day then discard it and repeat the above steps each night for a couple weeks
  • the wart should turn black
  • repeat the steps above for 2 additional days then stop applying the vinegar
  • continue with the duct tape for another week and you should be able to pry the wart off with a pin

Note: during this process try not to let the wart come in contact with any other part of your body as it is highly contagious and could spread.

I have also heard of using nail polish instead of duct tape but I believe this is just to stop the spread of the virus. Duct tape seems to pull the toxins from your skin which helps speed the healing process.

Following these simple steps should get rid of warts within a few days if you follow them consistently.

How Does it Work?

If you look at over the counter remedies for removing warts you will see that the main ingredient is salicylic acid.

Vinegar is acetic acid which is gentler on your skin than salicylic acid but since it is still an acid it behaves the same way. Your wart will turn black and eventually fall or get peeled off.

Removing warts couldn't be easier.

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(460 BC – 370 BC)

Hippocrates himself was known to have used vinegar as an energizing tonic and healing elixir.

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